Primehr and Corporate Social Responsibility

Overtime, the definition of CSR has progressed from its traditional areas of concern—notably corporate ethics, governance, philanthropy, and volunteerism—to include the concept of sustainability. CSR has also moved from the corporate periphery to center stage.

Our present focus areas

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Inclusion
  4. Sustainability

Primehr is passionate about educating our future generations and schools play a pivotal role. “Teach them to fish so that they and their family can eat for a lifetime”. This year we lent our support to:

Asghari Memorial High School
The Garage School.

Primehr is also a regular supporter of:

Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre
Patients Aid Foundation

Every year, Primehr is aligned with The Indus Hospital as part of the annual corporate blood donation programme.

This year, as part of the managements drive to improve the Diversity in our work place programme, we worked closely with Now PDP to assimilate and successfully bring onboard those that are Differently–Abled.

Our natural resources are being depleted at an uncontrollable rate and as a result this is having an effect on our climate and our environment. Whilst our Sustainability action plan is still in the planning phase, we have however initiated certain in-house practices such as recycling of water discharged from the office AC units and the recycling of copy and waste paper.