Online Testing

Primehr has an exclusive partnership with Progressica in Pakistan to carry out Predictive Index (PI) and Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) assessments of your new and existing employees. These are scientifically proven tools for predicting the success of candidates in a job through high end assessment methodologies.

Primehr also has the ability to transform your paper-based or any in-house assessment materials and customize it into online assessments that can be easily tracked and used within secure test centers across major cities. Your proprietary content becomes available only to you, and the questions you enter can be mix and match with questions from Primehr extensive test bank to create the perfect assessments for your recruiting needs.

Test Features:

  • Customized online testing
  • Paper to Electronic
  • User friendly
  • Quick result
  • Accessibility at your convenience

We have in-house testing facilities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad where we are able to accommodate a large pool of candidates.