Antecedent Verification

Job applicants may not always be completely honest and transparent in the information that they have declared in their application. “A good looking CV does not make it an honest CV”. So if you want a peace of mind over a potential new hire then a background check is a highly recommended service. Employee Antecedent Verification is a valuable tool used to confirm information and details provided by the prospective employee.

We have a team of professionals who are ready to provide fast and efficient services to verify the employee background from the respective organization and the educational institution mentioned on the CV.

We offer a variety of important and necessary background verification services such as:

  • Educational Document verification (National and International)
  • Employment Verification (National and International)
  • NADRA Verification
  • Residential Verification
  • Police Verification
  • Personal Reference Verification
  • Special Branch


Try out our new online Antecedent Verification portal.

Our new Online Antecedent Verification Portal will allow you to keep abreast (in real time) of each and every case going through the Verification process and the stage at which process stands.

You as the client will be given direct access to the portal so that you can track the progress on each case:

1. The overall status


2. Check per overall individual employee case


3. Check status of type/classification of verification required of each employee.